Updated 2014 December 19

New version released, much more stable! Download the emulator and send me any suggestions or bugs you have.

Thanks to your support guys, we finally have a better looking domain!

You may have noticed that there is a ton of fake Pokémon emulators videos and websites. I have lost hope to find a working emulator, so I started a new project for my university - Nintendo 3DS Emulator for Pokémon. I have been working on it since September and now I am able to share a beta release. It still has bugs, but it works.

You may ask, why am I not selling it. Well, this would be against the law, since Nintendo has all the patents for 3DS and Pokémon and I might have to pay them...


Everything is quite simple - just download the emulator with Pokémon game from downloads section.

Then unzip and launch the emulator .exe file. Click Browse and locate Pokémon X or Pokémon Y version file for emulation. Make sure to try out both versions, because it is still buggy and some computers only run one version successfully.
You can then adjust emulator settings - fullscreen, hardware acceleration (may improve performance) and sound. Fullscreen and sound do not always work. Hardware acceleration is only for Nvidia GPUs.

Click Run and enjoy the game if it launches! If not, see FAQ or contact me in contacts section.

How can I be sure this is not a virus?

Why would I put this much work on a website to spread a virus... You can always check files for viruses on virustotal.com, it's a great security tool. I have checked my emulator with them, see it for yourself here

P.S. I finally got a better looking domain :D